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Who we are?


To inspire and bring to life, memorable travel experiences.


To become a stable, reliable, socially responsible company. Recognized by its clientele for quality and service. With a friendly, positive and professional team.

Quality Policy

Colreservas is committed to maintaining the reliability, the accessibility of service, the quality of its products, the research in new technologies and growth. It is also comitted to develop the ability to satisfy their customers, efficient processes, systems and finantial management, the alliances with suppliers. It is committed not only to promote personal and professional fulfillment of human resources, organizational values and social programs, but also to enhance the brand positioning. Furthermore, It is a committed company with the implementation and maintenance of the safety and health at work.

Sustainability Policy

Colreservas is a committed Company with the sustainable development, that respects the natural and cultural patrimony of each country, promoting with customers, suppliers and employees responsible practices with the environment, local communities and cultural patrimony. Similarly, It also supports the economic development of the region in which it operates and that of the destinations it sells.

Policy of safety and health at work

It is the policy of COLRESERVAS S.A.S to recognize the importance of human resources, and to be committed at the highest level of the organization to the implementation and continuous improvement through the Management System of Safety and Health at work in its design operations, consulting and sale of tourist packages, as well as in administrative functions at all locations. Such system seeks to promote and mantain the physical, mental and social welfare of its workers and other stakeholders by providing suitable and safe places of work.

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